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Invitation of Articles

Guidelines for Writer

The VEDIC ASTROLOGY invites its readers to submit articles subject to the following

• The article should preferrably be sent in electronic form for example a word document. Please email your articles to editor@vedicastro.com.

• We normally put no restriction on the size of the article if the subject matter so demands. In general, the article should not exceed 3,000 words.

• The submitted article must be based on well-known principles of Vedic astrology. The author should ensure that no classical principle of Vedic astrology is violated. Reference to classics will be desirable.

• Articles must generally be elucidated with example charts so that at the end of the article, the reader gets some ideas or principles to work on.

• Specific mention must be made of the nature of the ayanamsha and the dasha used in the article if they are different from the Chitrapaksha (Lahiri) ayanamsha and the Vimshottari dasha.

• We also usually prefer that the article is not already published elsewhere. The author must certify in writing that the submitted article is for the exclusive use of the VEDIC ASTROLOGY and has not been published earlier in any form.

• The views expressed in the article will be the author's alone, and the editor(s) will not be responsible for them in any manner.

• The editor has the right to modify, abbreviate or alter the language and content of the submitted article to suit the requirements and the standard of the VEDIC ASTROLOGY, without prior permission of the author.

• Author holds the copyright to their article. Once the article have been published in the VEDIC ASTROLOGY, VEDIC ASTROLOGY will be also entitled to reprint the article in any form.