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Indian Elections 2004*

Anshumalee Sood

[*The article was received on March 2, 2004]


The General Elections 2004 being held ahead of schedule comes as no surprise at all. That this was round the corner was apparent based on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart for the country for 2004. This has been discussed at length in an earlier issue of Vedic Astrology.

Chaitra Shukla Chart for India


For India, the chart is for 21st of March 2004, 04:11:17 AM at Delhi. The Ascendant is Capricorn having no planets posited and not aspected by any planet. Sun and Moon having the eighth and seventh lordship respectively are in friendly sign Pisces in the third house along with debilitated Mercury having the sixth and ninth lordship. Yogkaraka Venus having the fifth and tenth lordship is placed in the fourth house Aries along with Rahu. Therefore Ketu is in the tenth house Libra. Fifth house Taurus has the planet Mars having the eleventh and fourth lordship. Lagna and second lord Saturn is placed in the sixth house Gemini. Jupiter being the third and twelfth lord is placed in the eighth house Leo in retrogression.

The obvious indications were that the Lok Sabha will not be in existence as the above date approaches.

Further the tenth house representing the government/formation in power is afflicted due to presence of Ketu. The fourth house representing the opposition is afflicted due to the presence of Rahu indicating general confusion in the ranks. The saving grace however is the presence of benefic Venus as well as a trinal aspect of Jupiter. These factors indicate that the opposition is likely to gain during the current year.


The election comes at a time when the planetary placements are not conducive to the same. The possibility of violence, terrorist threat and possibly even communal clash loom large.

Independence Chart for India


The chart used for India is that of the Indian Independence Day: August 15, 1947 at 00:00 hours, time zone +5:30, New Delhi, India, 28N39, 077E13. The Ascendant is Taurus 07:44. Rahu is 05:44 in the Lagna. Mars is 07:27 Gemini in the second house. Apart from Jupiter, which is 25:52 Libra in sixth house and Ketu, which is in Scorpio in the seventh house, all the remaining planets are in Cancer, the third house. The respective positions are Moon 03:59, Mercury 13:41, Saturn 20:28, Venus 22:34 and Sun 27:59. All the planets are in direct motion apart from RKA, which is in its normal retrograde motion. None of the planets are either exalted or debilitated. Moon is in own sign. The conglomeration of five planets in Cancer, third house makes for some interesting combinations and Kendra Trikona Rajyogas. Atma Karaka (Sun), Putra Karaka (Mercury) who is also the fifth lord and Dara Karaka (Moon) give rise to many Jaimini Rajyogas too.

The transit position of the three malefic planets Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the lagna/ascendant and the adjoining houses, namely second and twelfth, in the independence chart of India do not assure the well being for the nation during the run up period as well as the elections. The ascendant of the nation is afflicted by Mars while being in a strong paap-kartari yoga being hemmed between dire malefics Saturn and Rahu.

The political situation is as fluid as can be and is likely to reach melting points in the coming weeks. The alliance in power, as well as the opposition parties/groups is in a constant secret huddle of sorts in a bid to out do the other. It is likely to remain a conspiracy like scenario for the coming weeks as each formation does its best to assure itself of the magic numbers in the forthcoming Lok Sabha.

As the election dates approach the scenario is likely to get murkier and murkier. The apparent strength of the ruling alliance is perhaps overestimated in the present and this will keep becoming clearer with passing days, as well as the fact that the oppositions’ apparent weakness/lack of cohesion and the ability to put up a fight has been underestimated in the present.

Without doubt there are a number of factors in favour of the alliance in power. It would indeed not be prudent to underestimate the opposition. Therefore the need of the hour is to be wary of complacency in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the polls outcome.

The planetary positions are likely to have a significant effect on the contours of the various political formations in the arena. It is more than likely that the constituents in the alliances are different after the elections from the ones that were present in the pre election period.

Election Dates & Eclipse

The proposed elections are spread over four phases to be held on 20th and 26th in the month of April and on the 5th and 10th in the month of May. The time of announcement of elections is indicative of the need for possible revision and/or rescheduling of the dates.

On the night of 4th / 5th of May a significant astrological phenomenon is occurring in the form of a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse is visible throughout Asia including India and therefore assumes added significance. The solar eclipse on 19th of April is not significant as it is not visible in India.

The lunar eclipse is occurring while Moon is transiting Libra sign (rashi) and Vishakha constellation (nakshatra). Such an eclipse is said to be pernicious for the populace at large while threatening the death of some renowned and illustrious personality in public life.

An eclipse has an impact on mundane events and the impact is not positive. The eclipse is happening midway through the election process. Possible effect in the present can be the postponement of some election dates due to unforeseen and unexpected developments.


The outcome of the election is expected to be very close indeed. The claim to the coveted seat of power is likely to be within striking distance of more than one group. This leaves the field wide open with the possibilities of the emergence of the most unlikely of alliances as well as the specter of a period of relative political uncertainty as compared to the last half decade.

In the opinion of the author even the prime ministerial candidate is expected to be a surprise. For what it is worth, Shri Manmohan Singh, the present leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha comes closest to fitting the bill.

© Anshumalee Sood, Vedic Astrology