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November-December 2002 • Vol. 6 No. 6

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Dasha Periods of the Wayward Rahu - Part 8
Dr. K.S. Charak

Of the natural malefics, the mention of Rahu generates a peculiar awe and anxiety. Rahu’s dasha periods are often quite important in one's life and are remembered long after they are over, irrespective of whether they prove beneficial or harmful to the native. The author elaborates the subtle point in the analysis of Rahu’s dasha.

Aroma of Varga (Divisional) Charts - Part 2
Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra

Dwadashamsha Chart represents parents as well as gains from them, as also all worldly comforts and the well-being of a native. According to Parashara, all sorts of Arishta fall in the province of Trimshamsha. The falure, accidents, calamities, lack of physical as well as mental comforts should be checked from this chart.

The author discusses the various rules to analyse both these divisional charts with the help of example charts.

Prospects for President George W. Bush
Marguerite Dar Boggia

Many forecasts have been made that the President of the USA elected in the year 2000 will not finish his term. This is based on the election of Presidents when when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is in Earth signs in years ending with zero. President George W. Bush was elected in November of 2000.

Marguerite does not believe that one should forecast the exact time of death of anyone and also believe that we create our own future Karma by our present thoughts and actions. She not only analysis the horoscopes of George Bush but also of his father, mother, children and brother to show how the destiny is interlinked with blood relations.

Laghu Jatakam - Part 8
English Translation and Commentary by Dr. K S Charak

Varahamihira is considered the greatest authority on Vedic astrology after the era of the sages like Parashara. He was born near Ujjain during the sixth century AD. His most popular works are the Brihat Jataka and the Brihat Samhita. The Laghu Jatakam is a rather abridged version of the Jataka text. Easy to comprehend and rich in substance, it is a classic that must be studied alike by the novice and the master.

The True Essence of Jyotisha Shastra - Part 2
K Chandra Hari

The how and why of astrology had been one of the most baffling issues of science since the time of Newton, during the presently dominant paradigm of intellectual inquiry. Researches have failed to provide a valid demonstration of astrology in the same manner as the theories underlying its predecessor, viz., astronomy. K Chandra Hari is a scientist-astrologer and presents his views on the subject in this brilliant article.

Taming the Malefic Saturn
Yogi Harinam Baba Prem

A Yogic and Ayurvedic Perspective on Vedic Astrology.

Lessons in Palmistry - Part 7
Vinay Aditya

The author explains general characteristics of the hand without which it is difficult to measure the extent of likely success or failure of the native.

Regular Columns:

Book Review -
The Best Bet: Forming the Right Relationships and Making the Most of Your Relationship by K. Jaya Sekhar.

From the Scriptures
Lord Vishnu, the Ruling Deity of the Shravana Nakshatra - Part 2.
Astrology in Vedas - Part 9.

A collection of some of the best written books on Vedic astrology:

Elements of Vedic Astrology

Dr K S Charak

2 vol set $32

Essentials of Medical Astrology

Dr K S Charak

US $19

Applications of Yogini Dasha


US $16

Dots of Destiny – Ashtkavarga

Vinay Aditya

US $19

Yogas in Astrology

Dr K S Charak

US $19

Surya – The Sun God

Dr K S Charak

US $19

A Textbook of Varshaphala

Dr K S Charak

US $19

Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala

Dr K S Charak
US $19

Subtleties of Medical Astrology

Dr K S Charak

US $16

Vedic Astrology Course for Beginners in UK
The British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA), is going to run its first course for beginners in London. The course is for serious students of any age who wish to study this wonderful ancient science. No qualifications or previous knowledge required. The course will provide the basic knowledge, which the student can build on and in time can lead to academically recognised qualifications in astrology.

When: Beginning Thursday, April 24th, 2003. The course runs for ten weeks 7pm-9.15 pm.
Where: Quaker International Centre, Courtaulds House, Byng Place, London WC1 (close to London University Institute of Education).
Price: £150 (35% discount for full time students or unemployed). Membership of BAVA is included free of charge (worth £25 per year).
Contact: Gordon Brennan