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Chaitra Shukla 1999 Chart and the
Destiny of India, Pakistan and the US

Rajeev Jhanji

In contrast to the beginning of the English new year, all the various eras in vogue in India have some astronomical and astrological basis. They are often employed to make mundane predictions. The most popular and time-tested method of mundane predictions on a yearly basis uses the beginning of the Hindu new year having a Luni-Solar basis. This year begins with the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which indicates the beginning of the first tithi (Pratipada) of the brighter half (Shukla paksha), falling in the month of Chaitra (coinciding with March-April). The exact moment of the beginning of this year coincides with the exact conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the sign Meena (Pisces) which marks the end of Amavasya and the beginning of Pratipada. For the year 1999, the new year begins on Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 0:17:55 hrs. IST (March 17, 1999 at 6:47:55 hrs. GMT).

The Chaitra Shukla Chart

A horoscopic chart constructed for the moment that the new year begins forms the basis for the annual mundane predictions. For each country, the chart is erected for its capital. For different countries, the lagnas would differ while the rashi position of the planets will remain the same in the basic as well as the divisional charts. The lord of the weekday when Pratipada tithi is running at the time of sunrise at the place for which the chart is made, becomes the lord of the year. In the annual chart for India, since the Pratipada continues to run at the time of sunrise on Thursday, Jupiter, the lord of the day becomes the lord of the year. The strength and disposition of Jupiter – the lord of the year – in the yearly chart indicates the nature of events likely to occur during the year.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Chart

As per the classic Brihat Samhita, the results indicated when Jupiter happens to be the lord of the year are : chanting of sacred hymns; protection of the land by the ruler; abundance of crops; elephants, horses and vehicles aplenty. Human beings acquire virtue. Clouds produce rain, and the earth gets plenty of water. There is general plenty and prosperity. In the annual chart for India, with Vrishchika lagna, Jupiter acquires a position of strength, being placed in its own sign in the fifth house. It is associated with the ninth, tenth and eleventh lords forming important benefic yogas including the highly auspicious Gaja-Kesari yoga. At least some fulfillment of the results indicated by its lordship of the year is promised.

We had hinted in our analysis of the Chaitra Shukla chart for the last year that the time was ripe for India to emerge as a major world power and that she would achieve a distinctive position in the world affairs. This analysis was based on the multiplanetary influences operating upon the eleventh house of the chart. The same planetary disposition ensured India's financial stability during the year, the deep fiscal crises affecting the south-east asian economy notwithstanding. The present year too shows a promise of financial stability for the country. A combination of four planets constituting a powerful Dhana yoga in the fifth house aspects the eleventh house of financial gains. This combination is mercifully free from affliction by Mars and Saturn as was the case last year. The value of the Indian rupee is likely to see an upswing. The financial reserves are also likely to improve.

There is a conglomeration of planets in the fifth and the sixth houses of the chart. Seven of the nine planets are located in the darker half of the horoscope. Some of the positive achievements of the government may not get adequate recognition.

Some weakness is apparent in the chart. All the four kendras are vacant and the lagna lord is located in the adverse twelfth house, in an inimical sign, aspected by a debilitated malefic Saturn. Even in the Navamsha, the lagna lord Jupiter occupies the twelfth house and the lagna receives the aspect of Saturn. These factors appear to afflict the general health of the nation. However, there is enough relief because of the strong trikonas and the placement of malefics in the third and the sixth houses. The lagna lord of the basic chart improves its position in the navamsha by exchanging houses with Jupiter, the lagna lord of the navamsha. The location of a debilitated planet in the sixth, as well as the debilitation of the eighth lord, add strength to the lagna.

The Second House

The second house of the chart concerns itself with the wealth of the nation. The lord of the second house Jupiter occupies its own sign Meena in the fifth house. In association with Mercury, the eleventh lord, it forms a strong Dhana yoga or combination for wealth. Its further association with the Moon and the Sun, respectively the ninth and the tenth lords, enhances its beneficence. The debilitation of Mercury is cancelled here. Mercury also happens to be the lord of the eighth house and is retrograde. There may be some unexpected obstruction to the inflow of money. Certain secret financial deals are not ruled out. Incidently, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are not extraordinarity strong in Shadbala which takes away some of the strength of this otherwise excellent Dhana yoga.

The Third House

The third house is occupied by Ketu. Its lord, Saturn, is debilitated in the sixth hosue and is aspected by the sixth lord Mars. The third house receives the combined aspects of Mars as well as Saturn. The twelfth lord Venus associates with Saturn in the sixth house. Attempts to allow back-door entry to foreign media to operate in the country will raise hue and cry. More of promiscuous material is likely to reach the Indian homes through internet and other communication channels. The year is inconvenient for the print media which may be involved in legal proceedings particularly as a consequence of yellow journalism. Physical attacks on the press personnel and journalists are not ruled
out. Serious accidents in land and air transport are strongly indicated. Disruption of transport as well as communication will occur. Postal services are likely to suffer. Sports activities are likely to improve though some injuries to sportsmen are possible.
The third house also indicates neighbouring countries. With Ketu, Saturn and Mars influencing this house, hostility with a neighbouring country, often involving armed conflicts, is almost a certainty. There will, however, be serious attempts by both India and Pakistan to resolve their differences by mutual consultation.

The Fourth House

The fourth lord is debilitated in the sixth house, associated with the twelfth lord, and aspected by the sixth lord Mars from the twelfth house. In the navamsha, Mars and Rahu occupy the fourth house aspected by Saturn, in addition to Mercury and Jupiter. Crops are likely to be damaged by inclement weather while landslides in hilly areas will disrupt life. Vehicular accidents will be on the increase. Competition in auto industry will increase and prices of cars will further come down. Domestic harmony in general will suffer.

The Fifth House

The fifth house contains the three natural benefics, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter along with the Sun. The Sun-Moon conjunction is the highly benefic combination of the ninth and the tenth lords in the auspicious fifth house, in association with the fifth lord Jupiter. This gives rise to a very powerful Raja yoga in the fifth house. In addition, Mercury and Jupiter here are also respectively the lords of the eleventh and the second houses. Together, all these planets form powerful Dhana yogas. This combination of Raja yogas and Dhana yogas aspects the eleventh house indicating bright promise for economy.

The dominant influence of benefics on the fifth house will certainly instill more sanity and responsible behaviour in the ruling party and its constituents. The retrogression and the eighth lordship of Mercury, however, is a partly disconcerting factor. Attempts will be made to raise the standard of education while excessive expenditure will be incurred to improve the education at the primary level. Health of children in general will deteriorate. Affliction to the lagna as well as to the fifth house and the fifth lord of the Saptamsha, without enough relief from benefic influence, indicates the outbreak of bacterial and viral illnesses affecting children. There will be increased interest in the study of classical subjects including religious scriptures, astrology and Sanskrit.

The Sixth House

Venus as well as the debilitated Saturn occupy the sixth house. There is an exchange of the sixth lord Mars with the twelfth lord Venus. This exchange is supposed to confer happiness, health and fame in general. Being an exchange between Mars and Venus, however, it can indicate a greater inclination towards promiscuity. The sixth lord Mars is afflicted in the Navamsha also where Venus again occupies the sixth house. Incidents of sexually transmitted diseases particularly AIDS will go on increasing. Kidney disease and tuberculosis are also likely to see an upward trend. White collar crime will increase.

The Seventh House

There are some similarities in the Rashi chart and the Navamsha. The seventh lord of the year chart, Venus, is placed in the adverse sixth house in both the charts. In the Rashi chart as well as in the Navamsha, both the seventh house and the seventh lord are aspected by Mars. In the Rashi chart Saturn is associated with the seventh lord while in the Navamsha, it is placed in the seventh house. Compared to the Rashi chart, the seventh lord of the Navamsha improves its position due to exaltation and placement in the favourable tenth house. The condition of women in general will not show much improvement. Cases of violence, rape and atrocities against women will take an alarming proportion. Some foreign collaborations, specially involving telecommunications, will land up in courts due to various disputes. Multinational companies marketing sophisticated electronic gadgets will have to face tough competition in the Indian market. More women will take up resposible positions in the government.

The Eighth House

Aspect of Saturn on the eighth house and the association of the eighth lord with both the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon in the fifth house, will give a period of discomfort to the present government. Intrigues and intra-party disputes will surface very often and will catch the attention of the media. Some of the decisions taken by the government will have to be reconsidered.

The Ninth House

The Dharma trikonas (first, fifth and ninth houses) are occupied by the Dharma signs – Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer respectively. The lord of the ninth house, the Moon is placed in another Dharma trikona, the fifth house in association with the Dharma guru, Jupiter. All these favourable combinations are indicating that more and more educated people with ‘scientific temperament’ will take on the path of the God and put their belief in Him. Association of the eighth lord with the ninth lord, and the placement of Rahu in the ninth house, tend to indicate an inclination towards more deviant attitude in matters of religion. The influence of Jupiter both on the ninth lord as well as the ninth house, however, keeps the matters under reasonable control. Scattered cases of forced conversions cannot be ruled out. Some judgments of the courts will
have far reaching effects. Judiciery will make a concerted effort in improving the standard
of living conditions by passing regulations regarding the functioning of various civic bodies of the government.

The Tenth House

Tenth house in the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart is the most important house since it denotes the government in power. The lord of the tenth house, the Sun, is favourably disposed in the fifth house associated with the lords of the benefic houses – Jupiter, the fifth lord; Moon, the ninth lord and Mercury, the eleventh lord. Close association of the Sun with a retrograde debilitated Mercury, which is also the lord of the eighth house is an unfavourable combination. This could be an indication towards a need for concern about the physical well being of the individual(s) at the helm of affairs.

In the Navamsha chart, the exalted tenth lord, Mercury, is aspected by the fifth lord Mars while in the Dashamsha chart, the tenth lord Venus is placed in the fifth house. The seventh lord of the dashamsha is debilitated and associated with the eighth lord, though under the influence of two benefics Jupiter and Venus, besides a malefic Mars. The ruling government will act more responsibly and assertively. Smaller constituent parties of the coalition government
will keep a pressure on the government to make their reasonable and unreasonable demands fulfilled. These, otherwise negligible, parties may bring the ruling party on the brink of loosing the majority in the parliament. The favourable disposition of the tenth lord with such a strong conglomeration of benefic planets will tide away the waves rising against the government.


The ascendant in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, remains Vrishchika (at 11°15'44"). The economy of Pakistan will receive a much needed respite as a result of easing of economic sanctions. Last year had been extremely crucial as far as its finances is concerned, sometimes raising doubts about its survival. The USA cannot afford to allow Pakistan to face disaster, and has to create circumstances to help it out. The navamsha lagna is Tula. The navamsha lagnas for India and Pakistan are mutually at 3/11 positions; some easing here of mutual hostility is indicated even as several outstanding differences persist. The tenth house of the navamsha lagna attains strength with the location there of the Sun and the Moon (the eleventh and the tenth lords) aspected by Jupiter from the second house. However, the tenth lord of the Dashamsha chart is debilitated and under predominantly malefic influence (of the Sun, Mars, the sixth lord Jupiter and the eighth lord Venus). Instability of the government in power will persist.

The United States of America

In Washington DC (USA), the lagna is Karka (at 9°:5':31"). There will be a definite trend
toward improvement of relations between the USA on the one hand and India and Pakistan on the other. The planetary position for USA, however, indicates greater uncertainty for the US government than was apparent last year during the Monica Lewinsky episode. The tenth houses in the annual chart and the navamsha chart, and the lagna of the dashamsha chart, are all under the influence of the eighth lords of these charts.

Written in December 1998
© Rajeev Jhanji, Vedic Astrology