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US Presidency 2001
And the winner is ... George Bush Jr. `

Anshumalee Sood

The article in the previous issue of Vedic Astrology Magazine on the subject has elicited a response beyond expectation relating to the wide variance in the views expressed. While refraining from going into the details, the most interesting reaction was with regard to the limitation of astrology in a situation as described with regard to the indecisive outcome of the US presidential election. This was indeed the kind of thought provoking medicine that I relish and thrive on. My immediate recall was that of the situation faced by us in India in 1999, when the Prime Minister Vajpayee lost the right to continue in office by virtue of one solitary vote, that too totally enmeshed in conspiracy. At that time I wrote that this situation could have been well visualised by simply examining the relevant astrological evidence available. The article was carried in Volume 3 Number 3, May-June 1999 issue of VEDIC ASTROLOGY. So far the as expected the opinion polls have swung favouring the two main candidates alternatively. Therefore in order to carry the thought process to its logical conclusion I decided to explore the details and dig deeper into the issue.

The election to presidency after all definitely extends beyond the limitations of an individual horoscope. And the presidency of the United States of America, the world’s most powerful country, would have a definite impact extending well beyond its national boundaries on to every nook and corner of the globe. Therefore the likely shape of events in the near and distant future must provide us with definite clues with regard to the next occupant of the White House based on the policy stance and available plan of governance.

To initiate our quest let us go on to examine the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Chart for the United States confining ourselves to the issue at hand. For those of you who may not be familiar the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Chart allow me give a very brief introduction to the same. In fact this is one of the most potent tools that goes on to establish the significance of Vedic Astrology and perhaps its authenticity as well. The Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart is also referred to as the Hindu New Year; it has a Luni-Solar basis and is the most popular and time-tested method of mundane predictions for the forthcoming year. Sun enters Aries in April as per the English calendar and in Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar. Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac and therefore Sun’s entry into the sign becoming the basis for annual mundane predictions. In fact the ruler of the day or vaar when Pratipada is running at sunrise is designated lord of the year or varshesha. The strength and disposition of this lord of the year indicates the nature of events likely to occur during the year. Extending this principle further the ruler of the day or vaar, at the instant of Sun’s entry into various signs determines the responsibilities of various planets for the year. Perhaps akin to the significance of Sun’s entry into Aries for the year would be Saturn’s entry and passage through Aries for ringing in a new era with a different order vis-a-vis the existing situation.

For the United States, the chart is for 4th of April 2000, 14:11:59 AM at Washington DC. The Ascendant is Cancer. All the planets are in the brighter half of the horoscope clearly indicating a year of openness and prominence. All accomplishments and failures of the nation and its government, both the ones making the nation proud and the others leading to possible embarrassment are likely to be exposed to the media glare and public scrutiny. Rahu is in the First house Cancer and therefore Seventh house Capricorn has Ketu. The third and twelfth lord Mercury is in the eighth house in friendly sign Aquarius. Sun and Moon are in friendly sign Pisces in the ninth house alongwith Venus. Saturn is debilitated in Aries in the tenth house conjunct with Mars, the fifth and tenth lord in own house, and Jupiter, the sixth and ninth lord. The tenth house of government is occupied by the three major planets and is unaspected.

A complete analysis of the Chaitra Shukla chart is precluded from the scope of this article. We shall therefore restrict ourselves to the areas that may be relevant to the present quest. The placement of Rahu in the ascendant gives a broad indication of an illusion, mirage like situation, confounding situation etc. Tenth house of government has the three major planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn posited therein. Mere presence of the three stalwarts together in a sign is ominous of the eventful times ahead for matters governed by that house. Mars being the tenth lord in own sign indicates a strong government administration. Its association with sixth lord Jupiter is indicative of an imminent change in government, while the presence of eighth lord Saturn foretells that the impending change is unlikely to be a smooth affair. Saturn also brings in the possibility of delay. Sixth lord being Jupiter brings in the option of a possible role of Judiciary and eighth lord being Saturn puts the role of obstruction/hurdles on the masses or the public at large.

In the navamsa chart the lagna is Sagittarius, the sign occupying the sixth house in the Chaitra Shukla chart once again underlining the prominence of change. Tenth house of navamsa has Rahu in Virgo indicating yet again of imminent confusion relating to the tenth house affairs. Tenth lord of the navamsa chart is in the sixth house of the navamsa chart further reinforcing the possibilities of dispute. In the dasamsa chart the lagna is Leo, its lord Sun being posited in the eleventh house Gemini with the twelfth lord Moon bringing in the discomfort. The tenth house here too has Rahu as the occupant posited in Taurus. Saturn is aspecting it from the fourth house Scorpio. There is no way in which controversy can be kept out of the tenth house affairs covering the government. Venus the tenth lord of the dasamsa chart is posited in Sagittarius, though being the fifth house here it is the sign occupying the sixth house of the Chaitra Shukla chart. The indication of confusion, controversy and delay available in the Chaitra Shukla chart is confirmed/reinforced by the divisional charts too.

The Republican Party represents the conservative interests in the country, while the Democratic Party is representative of the liberal part of the populace. Therefore it is obvious that in the horoscope chart Jupiter represents the Republicans, while Saturn represents the Democrats. Interestingly the symbol of the Republicans and Democrats is elephant and donkey respectively. What a coincidence ! With no disrespect Elephant signifies a large size fitting in well with Jupiter, while Donkey signifies hard work falling in the ambit of Saturn. Now observe both Saturn and Jupiter are posited in the tenth house thereby indicating the fierce struggle for the seat of power. Saturn is at an apparent disadvantage being debilitated in Aries and conjunct with inimical Mars. However since it is also enjoying neecha-bhanga yoga the result is unlikely to be a pushover. On the other hand Jupiter is in a friendly sign conjunct with friendly planet Mars. Further Jupiter at 16:10 is placed much closer to the lagna degree of 17:36 compared to Saturn at 22:04, thereby increasing the potential influence of Jupiter with regard to the Chaitra Shukla chart and the tenth house. The tenth lord Mars at 15:24 is in degree conjunction with Jupiter. Tenth lord being Mars it is also indicative of the personality of the incumbent in the seat of power. Between the two contenders Al Gore and George Bush Jr., it is George Bush Jr. who displays personality traits that fit the bill. The condition of Saturn also indicates that the Democrats are unlikely to take the end result gracefully and are likely to be sore losers, raking up unwarranted controversies thereby delaying the electoral process.

Permit me to refer to the astrological edge enjoyed by George Bush Jr. in his natal horoscope over that of Al Gore's discussed in detail in the previous issue of Vedic Astrology (Volume 4 Number 4) July-August 2000 issue. Further taking into account the analysis above, we are left with no alternative but to arrive at the conclusion that after all the confusions, controversies and due process have run their course to the logical end, the 43rd president of the United States of America will be none other than George Bush Jr.