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A Textbook of Varshaphala:
Vedic Astrology Technique of Annual Horoscopy

by Dr. K S Charak

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Paperback: 232 pages
Edition: Second (July 2002 reprint)
ISBN: 8190100815
Publisher: Uma Publications
Book Description

For over twenty years, Dr. Charak has been doing astrology with as much zest and excellence as the pursuit of his medical career. Being a linguist, he has gone down to the source material available on the Tajika system of astrology, through Hindi, English, Urdu and sometimes Sanskrit, read, understood, assimilated and tested them, and he has presented them all in this book with the skill of a surgeon, with the discipline familiar to medical men which lays emphasis on illustrating a point through examples, which is why this book is the best ever illustrated book on annual horoscopy.

• The first Vedic Astrology book on annual horoscopy or Varshaphala (the Tajika system) which is fully illustrated.
• The sixteen Tajika yogas which form the backbone of successful predictions on the basis of annual horoscopy have been most clearly explained.
• Such specialized areas of the Tajika system as the Muntha, the Varshesha, the Tri Pataki Chakra, the Sahams, etc., have all been dealt with in details.
• Covers almost all the important questions a modern man asks in the hectic whirl of his professional, personal and social life.
• To be able to see with clarity how a particular year will be for you is to see the lines along which you should plan your activities, postpone some of them, get more deeply involved in some of them ...
• What you need is a clear direction, clarity of vision and planning the shifting priorities year after year. This is what an accurately cast annual chart can do to you.
About the Author

Dr. K S Charak, MS (Surgery), FRCS (UK) is Head of the Surgery Department at the Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi, India. He is the Honorary Editor of the bi-monthly Vedic Astrology. Author of several books on Vedic astrology, his extensive work in the field of astrology has earned him international recognition.