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Essentials of Medical Astrology

by Dr. K S Charak

Our Price: $19
Paperback: 204 pages
Edition: Third (June 2002 reprint)
ISBN: 8190100831
Publisher: Uma Publications
Book Description

The 'Essentials of Medical Astrology' is the standard book on Vedic astrology which lays down detailed principles relevant to the analysis of a horoscopic chart, with disease and its various aspects as the main focus of attention. Some of the prominent features of this work are: • Standardisation of approach to analysis of a chart related to disease. • Use of four vargas, or divisional charts, and two dashas to ensure an accurate assessement of the chart. • Discussion of principles of sound and unsound health. • Indications for congenital ailments. • An elaborate approach to ensure accurate timing of onset of disease and its outcome. • Hints about the possible site of disease as well as the nature of disease using the significations of houses and planets, and the Drekkanas. • A detailed account of the principles of Balarishta and Arishta-Bhanga. • The use of such subtle principles of Vedic astrology as the twenty-second Drekkana, the sixty-fourth Navamsha, the Sarpa Drekkana, and Gulika or Mandi, to decide on the onset and outcome of illness. • Classical combinations indicating some of the common ailments, and the scientific approach to application of these principles to actual horoscopic charts.

A must for all students of Vedic astrology.
About the Author

Dr. K S Charak, MS (Surgery), FRCS (UK) is Head of the Surgery Department at the Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi, India. He is the Honorary Editor of the bi-monthly Vedic Astrology. Author of several books on Vedic astrology, his extensive work in the field of astrology has earned him international recognition.
Review by Readers

Surpasses Expectations – "Best Of The Very Best"
Reviewer: Dr. Mohit Parihar (Vedic Medical Astrologer) from Victoria BC, Canada, July 30, 2001
A very good book on Vedic (Hindu) Medical Astrology, Dr.Charak, has explained the relationship between planets and various diseases caused by them. Further the book has astrological cure for diseases. Dr. Charak explains in his own exclusive style use of core principles of Vedic Medical Astrology such as the twenty-second Drekkana, the sixty-fourth Navamsha, the Sarpa Drekkana, including the much ignored Gulika, to decide the outcome and nature of illness. Highly recommended to learn the essentials of Vedic Medical Astrology. It would not be out of place to mention that the Author Dr. Charak is M.S. (Surgery). Who else than Dr.Charak, with the master skills of a Doctor+ Vedic Medical Astrologer would be in a better position to write a good book on Vedic Medical Astrology. Highly recommended. "THE BEST OF THE VERY BEST."