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Elements of Vedic Astrology

by Dr. K S Charak

Our Price: $32 (2 volume set)
Paperback: 440 pages (2 volume set)
Edition: Third (September 1, 1998)
ISBN: 8190100807
Publisher: Uma Publications
Book Description

The 'Elements of Vedic Astrology' is an excellent and most comprehensive book on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology written in English. It treats astrology in a most organised and scientific manner. The book deals elaborately with mathematical aspects of astrology. Two important dasha systems, the Vimshottari and the Yogini have been described. It enters into areas of research, like the vargas, the sub-planets, and the planetary states or avasthas. Three chapters are devoted to the all-important subject of the yogas which form the basis of many an astrological prediction. The Nabhasa yogas have been dealt with, and classfied, in a most innovative manner. Results of planets in various houses, signs, etc., have been described in great details. Several other subjects like planetary strengths, Balarishta, Arishta Bhanga, determination of longevity, medical astrology, horary astrology, annual horoscopy, planetary transits, Ashtakavarga, Muhurta and methods of matching charts for marriage purposes, etc., have all been dealt with lucidly. The book is profusely illustrated by example horoscopes.

A must for all beginners of Vedic astrology.
About the Author

Dr. K S Charak, MS (Surgery), FRCS (UK) is Head of the Surgery Department at the Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi, India. He is the Honorary Editor of the bi-monthly Vedic Astrology. Author of several books on Vedic astrology, his extensive work in the field of astrology has earned him international recognition.
Review by Readers

One of the best books on vedic astrology
Reviewer: Paul Urbani from Canada, December 15, 2001
I have read many books on vedic astrology and this book is at the top of my list. One of the most important aspects of a vedic astrology book is the clarity in which the information is brought out and this book meets the best of standards. The second most important criteria is content and in this regard Dr. Charak covers many very interesting aspects of vedic astrology and will not disappoint you.

Guranteed A Good Book
Reviewer: Dr. Parihar from Victoria BC, Canada, July 20, 2001
This book is a good book. Dr. Charak is known for his vivid style of writing, and of course it is guaranteed that the reading would be an indelible experience. Even if you have no knowledge of Vedic Astrology, I still would recommend this book without any second thought.